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Break the Bubble!

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Adrian CrăciunoiuGabriel Marian
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Piața Unirii 24

Our lives on social media are increasingly defined by our membership and integration into a series of 'bubbles', whether we want to or not. These are simultaneously ways of opening up to the world, but also of locking ourselves into certain cognitive, social and ideological configurations. On the one hand, they allow us to share ideas and experiences accepted by people we resemble, but they also sometimes prevent us from discovering new, unexpected ideas. In addition, this natural human tendency towards selective association and cognitive isolation is amplified and encouraged by the algorithms of these networks.

The Neural Bonds team's project for Clujotronic seeks to counteract these tendencies through an immersive digital environment in which participants are encouraged to symbolically overcome or merge these "bubbles" through spontaneous interactions.

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