Where does the festival take place?

Clujotronic encourages new ways to deal with the urban space, therefore, during the years we used different places in Cluj-Napoca as a base for our interdisciplinary encounters, including The Paintbrush Factory, Tranzit House, Vaida Voievod House and the Art Museum.

Clujotronic 2021 will take place at the Art Museum (1 Unirii Square) in Cluj-Napoca. Some installations will also be shown outdoors, on the Clujotronic mile, in front of the Art Museum.

What are the sanitary regulations that I have to follow?

The European Green Certificate is required upon entry. You will also be thermo-scanned at the entrance to the festival grounds. If your temperature exceeds 37.3 degrees Celsius, you will not be allowed to enter the premises. You also need to wear a face mask that covers both mouth and nose indoors at all times and keep a 2-meter distance between you and other participants. We will constantly update the information regarding the sanitary regulations here [link]

What are the sanitary measures that you are taking?

We will regulate the number of visitors in the exhibition rooms to ensure adequate social distancing. We will disinfect all touchable surfaces (e.g. keyboards, tablets) after each visitor. Our team and our volunteers will be equipped with masks and gloves; disinfectant will be available in all areas of the festival. We will constantly update the information regarding the sanitary regulations here [link].

Where can I find the schedule of the festival?

The full program is available here [link]. Due to the current situation the program may suffer changes. We’ll keep you updated here, on our website as well as on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

In 2021, do you offer an online program?

The 10th edition of the festival will be a hybrid one, with some events taking place at the Art Museum and some program points taking place online. Follow our streamings on the Clujotronic website, Youtube channel [link] or Facebook page [link]

Where can I buy tickets for Clujotronic?

The access to the Clujotronic festival is completely FREE! For the workshops and talks you are requested to register in advance.

Who are the organizers and partners of the festival?

Clujotronic is co-organized by the German Cultural Center in Cluj-Napoca and the Institut Français Cluj-Napoca, with the support of many institutional and private partners. Check out all the festival’s partners here [link].

As an artist, how can I showcase my artwork at Clujotronic?

The open call for Romanian artists will be published soon, but if you want to perform or present your art at the festival, you may contact us anytime at info@clujotronic.ro. We are always looking forward to new collaborations with artists from France, Germany and Romania!

Can I bring my children to the festival?

Yes. Clujotronic is not specifically designed for children, but it is a child friendly festival. Most video games can be played by children 7+, and the games or installations that have an age limit (16+) will be labeled as such. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Can I be a volunteer at Clujotronic?

Of course! Being a non-profit festival, we are always grateful for our wonderful team of volunteers. If you are passionate about art and technology, curious to discover the backstage work of the festival and to meet new interesting people, we are looking forward to hearing from you! Please fill in the application form in the call for volunteers [link] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.