Gabriel Marian

Gabriel Marian [ro] is a visual artist, curator and one of the founders of the Nano Gallery, Cluj. He graduated in 2011 with a Master's degree in painting from UAD, and in 2022 with a PhD in visual arts from the same university. He has exhibited in Berlin (2021, with other artists from Cluj), Strasbourg (2019 - solo show), Turin and Paris (2015/2013- group exhibitions) and in other galleries in Romania. His work appears, among other artists, in the Benetton collection of contemporary art: Imago Mundi : Romanian artists(2014) and in the album published the same year in Treviso.

Artworks in private collections in France and the United States.

As an artist, he is concerned with the frontier between abstraction and figuration, which he explores from an ironic perspective on art history. In his recent work, he uses complex layerings of lines, signs and shapes to recreate vaguely familiar images and structures, using fragments of texts from the world literature. His current artistic projects focus on the reconstruction of the portrait as a landscape traversed by the seemingly random trajectories of lines and abstract signs – thus creating the illusion of a figurative image. His other projects have tackled the limits of representation such as myopia, microscopic perception or calligraphy + graffiti.