Adrian Crăciunoiu

Intermedia artist based in Cluj-Napoca. With a BA in Cinematography and Media and a MA in Digital Interactive Arts, Adrian Crăciunoiu [ro] is currently pursuing a professional doctorate in interactive art. He has created both individual and collaborative works, with artists such as Klaus Obermaier and Gabriel Marian, which were exhibited in various cultural and non-cultural spaces, such as: New Media Castle, The Art Museum, The Ethnographic Museum, The Interest Center, Scout House and so on.

Adrian’s style is based on the fundamental compositional elements such as lines, dots and simple shapes, which he uses to depict phenomena that are invisible to the naked eye. In his opinion, expressing the imperceptible phenomena through the optics of interactive art is learning about one’s self and his relationship to the world. Play is an important aspect of his works because, as he sees it, art shouldn’t have to be pretentious to have value and impact in a society.