The Clujotronic journey started in 2012 creating a platform where people could meet and discover the innovative and creative practices that use art and technology in interactive and exciting ways. Organised by the German Cultural Center and the French Institute in Cluj-Napoca, the annual electro arts festival brings together artists and specialists from France, Germany and Romania. We create immersive experiences, a space for asking questions and discussing ideas, where artists, technology developers and the wider public interact and become part of the digital culture.

Performances and installations, independent games exhibitions, game jams, workshops and a wide range of talks and debates reflect the experimental and playful side of the digital world. We introduce our public to a dynamic field where they can discover, learn and share the insights of the cultural transformation in the technological era.

The Clujotronic – Electro Arts Festival also encourages new ways to deal with urban space, seen as an important setting for artistic expression. During the years we used different places in Cluj-Napoca as a base for our interdisciplinary encounters, including The Paintbrush Factory, Tranzit House, Vaida Voievod House and the Art Museum.

The festival develops engaging activities, collaborative projects, and adventures in virtual worlds. Bring your sense of excitement around tech-based art and explore with us the new dimensions of the digital age!