Carmen Büchner

Carmen Büchner [de] grew up in Weimar and currently lives and works in Cluj-Napoca. Her background in art and her interest in science characterizes her work.

​From 2008, Carmen studied Animation and Visual Effects at the Film Academy Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg and graduated 4 years later with her stereoscopic diploma film "Contrast". The film received the "Dimension3 Award" and the "Peer Raben Award" in Cologne, among others in Paris. "Contrast" is part of numerous short film festivals and art exhibitions in Asia, Russia, Europe, Latin America and the United States.  Her creative work combines film craft and painting techniques, opening new visual spectrums through interesting combinations of styles.  

Since 2013 Carmen has been working as an artist, art director and creative head for the international film and art industry. Her numerous film and TV credits include artwork, art direction and motion design for several award-winning films and commercials for leading brands.  In 2015, Carmen was awarded the "OUTSTANDING Special / Visual Effects AWARD" in Los Angeles for the science fiction series "REDLAND".

​In 2018, Carmen started working as Creative Head for a leading German technology company in Romania, creating technology-based art installations for a cutting-edge interior design.

Starting 2019, Carmen is focusing on her personal projects and created her new film "CORONA". The 6-minute film is selected for the "Realtime Festival 2021" and nominated for the Audience & Special Mention Award 2021.