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Clujotronic Mile @Unirii Square

The building I currently live in was built in 1924. That roughly covers three generations of people that slept, ate, wept, laughed, and had their morning tea in there.
As you sit in front of it, you can’t help but wonder what’s going on behind all those walls, behind those windows: people going about their daily businesses, people living, people dying their hair.
It’s a collection of small stories, no great men or women ever lived there. And because of that, because it harbors small setups with ordinary histories, it’s also about us. These could very well be our stories. It’s an anthology of lost and found stories with ordinary characters from a random block of flats.

Authors/ Script: Simina Piţur, Alin Tănasă
Voices and sound: Universal Pleasure Factory
Set building: Orsolya Gal, Marina Melenti, Alin Tănasă
Arduino magic (lights, sound): Andrei Kovari
a project by Blajin