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We AR Culture - The new life of cultural spaces

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The arts and culture are indispensable for our lives as they keep us in touch with our emotions, they express our creative spirit and our need to connect with each other. Concert venues, cinemas, theatres, museums, galleries, community centres and other cultural spaces were forced to close their doors during the uncertain past few months. A fact which contributed to our search for new ways of interaction in the challenging journey of living remotely. And over this time, art and culture were always there as a solidarity fort.

We’ve seen this period of isolation as a source of synergy. The great creative power of collaborative work brings artists together and builds, even through digital encounters, a common space for expression and connection. We AR culture gathers artists from different backgrounds around the cultural spaces in Cluj, which we missed for the last months. We started this interdisciplinary adventure aiming to support the artists and to bring life back to the cultural institutions through illustrations and augmented reality.

Photographers, illustrators and animators from Cluj and Germany together with a French actor and writer worked on an exhibition dedicated to the local scene but which embodies the cultural situation worldwide. Some of the places represented have already opened, some are preparing to reopen while keeping visitors and staff safe. There are many questions regarding the new life of culture, regarding the new protocols, the flow of visitors or the accessibility of content. But for the moment, through We AR culture, the artists invite us to skip the questions and dive into their imagination. Here, beyond the boundaries of reality and virtuality, the shades, colours and motions are allowed to reshape this new cultural life, we are all longing for.

Komiti X Illustrators inspired us to create this new project for Cluj together, which combines art and technology as a way to support the cultural field and also to celebrate the amazing virtual work of the involved artists.  

Organized by the German Cultural Centre and The French Institute from Cluj-Napoca in partnership with KOMITI for Clujotronic.

With the support of: The National Museum of Transylvanian History, Skeptic Dog, #xpAR, Interfața Umană and Augmented Space Agency