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Don't build games, build transmedia experiences

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Teddy Kossoko
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online via Zoom

What is the link between a 1000-year-old board game, a music conservatory in France, a UN mission in Africa? A video game. In this workshop, Teddy Kossoko will explain why making multifaceted games can give a new dimension to your work.

"When I developed my first game, by chance, I proposed a video game, a board game, and a comic book based on the game and its story. And every time I presented my products, I met people who said ‘I don't play video games, but I'll take the comic book for my child, or I'll take the board game for the family‘. In 5 years of experience, all the games that we have imagined subsequently have ramifications that allow people to live a different experience depending on the media they use. The aim of the workshop is to give you feedback on how to use these levers to strengthen your image and the impact of your creations.