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The impact of digital games on education

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We are experiencing rapid changes in the world of education, recently intensified by the digitization demands of the Covid-19 pandemic. Video games are one of the formats that are gaining ground as didactic tools. However, while this relatively new media offers many benefits, it also comes with unique challenges– older generations of educators tend to be unfamiliar with gaming concepts which also might require expensive technical equipment or modified teaching methods. At Clujotronic, we will discuss with experts on the intersection of game development and education about the potential of video games as teaching materials and address topics like: How can serious games balance learning and entertainment? Can regular games be utilized in educational situations? How can gamification be implemented in educational contexts?

Join the online discussion on Friday, October 1 on Facebook and on clujotronic.ro.


Natalia Ciobanu is a researcher, consultant, and educator who helped develop several educational games. She has been a trainer and facilitator in multiple environment, health, and education projects.

Horea Trîncă is co-founder and business manager of the Cluj-based game development studio Tractor, Set, Go!. He managed the development of several complex serious games for both children and adults. Together with his coleagues he developed the game “Planet Warrior” which was created during the Virtual Ideathon on Educational Digital Games which took place earlier this year.



Ciprian Băcioiu is a veteran Romanian game developer and retro hardware enthusiast with extensive experience in the corporate environment as well as in Romania’s indie game scene.