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Tapestry AR

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Universal Rooms @ Art Museum

Tapestry in augmented reality is a concept proposed by One Night Gallery from Bucharest, in which traditional art meets technology. The result of this collaborative project is an original work of textile art, presenting through AR a 3D animation, which can be explored at Clujotronic between 1st and 3rd of October.

The artwork of the visual artist Mircea Popescu is transposed in a carpet made by hand by the textile artist Megan Dominescu and is enriched with the help of technology by Mihai Cojocaru, member of the One Night Gallery team, who developed the 3D animation, but also with a dedicated soundtrack created and edited by sound designer Andrei Robin Proca. The tapestry thus transforms into a 3D augmented reality scene.

The project generates a dialogue between artists from different mediums of expression and creates a unique interdisciplinary artwork. The creation process was documented through time-lapses, interviews with artists and videos from the production period and the documentation and digital products will be available on One Night Gallery website and on dedicated social media channels.

The AR experience can be discovered through the filter available on the Instagram page of One Night Gallery, in the augmented reality filters section. Visitors can scan the tapestry with the dedicated filter, and the animation will start automatically. The entire experience can be recorded and distributed on users' social media channels.