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Rodion: Where is the Mystery

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Digital Cave @ Art Museum

The installation initiated by Andrei Bucureci is dedicated to Rodion GA’s brilliant shine and energy that helped him compose hundreds of songs and release more than 50 songs on labels in Romania, but mostly from outside the country.

"I first met Rodion, the musician, in 2014 at a Red Bull Music Academy workshop in Bucharest and he had this frenetic aura and a deep passion for sounds. He was practically running around from room to room trying out synths and saluting aspiring young musicians. In just a year Rodion and I became friends and collaborators, having performed both in Bucharest’s Club Control and in Cluj at Clujotronic festival. I was amazed that the guy who wrote Stars And Lights and Paradox, some of my favorite Romanian songs, was so open and willing to communicate with younger generations." Andrei Bucureci

Where Is The Mystery is the title of the first Rodion GA song ever released in 1981.