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Organs of the Soul

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Organs of the soul is a collection of 212 drawings made by Denisa Curte, created as an artistic expression at the intersection of reason and emotion. By using Augmented Reality, the visual artistic product is ripped out of its traditional form of presentation and is placed on a different level of interaction and interpretation. This project transforms one of these drawings into 3D digital art overlaid onto the historic center of Cluj-Napoca. The public will be able to interact with a scaled-up, animated version of one such “organ of the soul”.  

With the aim of democratizing art, this virtual street exposure creates frictionless access to the artistic production, which is not just adapted to a new medium but recreated especially for it. Bringing the art from 2D to a 3D animated AR experience creates a new method of manifesting the artistic ethos.  

The project is based on various dichotomies, such as the union of traditional art and new media, or utilizing immersive technologies surrounded by heritage buildings. The initiative created by Culturama is a step towards building new digital layers over the streets of the city, transforming the access to art, culture and heritage into a creative, dynamic and memorable experience.

Digital experience created by Culturama based on the works of Denisa Curte, powered by DevNest.