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Clujotronic is dedicated to fusing art and technology in ever new ways and contexts to create innovative, inspiring experiences for artists, tech-enthusiasts, and the general public. Many of the artworks and performances shown at the festival belong to the category of new media art which encompasses digital art, interactive art, video games, and more. During our second talk session, guest artists from France, Germany, and Romania will give short, impactful presentations about their work and their experiences - but also challenges, as new media artists.

Join the online discussion on Saturday, October 2 on Facebook and on clujotronic.ro.



Playtronica[de] is an international artist collective from Berlin that creates touch-based soundscapes with everyday objects. Their works are usually focused on audience participation.


Blutch [fr] is a sound artist from France’s Bretagne region who creates his unique music identity by borrowing elements from hip-hop, house, ambient, andeven jazz.


Isa Balog [ro] is a Romanian artist whose work lies somewhere between fine arts and digital arts. Her artistic research focuses on people’s points of view, existence interpretations, and tracing memory.



Horea Avram