Interactive Installation @ Call for Projects 2021

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Nebula Crea

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Universal Rooms @ Art Museum

Designed to make up for the emptiness of an austere environment, Nebula Crea can fill up with color any space, by simply sliding your hand across its light panels. Nebula Crea is an interactive installation with a "drag and drop" gesture interface which highlights a new operating system with a focus on human-product interaction.

Touch gestures can adjust the color of the emitting light, by increasing or decreasing the intensity of any of the three channels -primary colors of light: red, green, and blue.

Having a triangular shape, each corner represents one of these three colors: red, green, or blue. Thus, by drag and drop sliding gesture from one corner to the center - the color intensity associated with that corner will increase and vice versa, by sliding from the center to a corner - the color intensity will decrease. Therefore, Nebula Crea light installation can generate any color of the RGB spectrum, including white light, by maxing out all three primary colors.