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Piața Unirii 24

Conceived and implemented by Eugen Neacșu and Adrian Marian, founding members of the PSIHODROM collective (www.psihodrom.org)

PSIHODROM's MULTIVERSE is a generative digital installation that proposes an interactive incursion in parallel universes using the reactivity of sound and abstract images. The sound and images are created with the help of a sensor that captures the movements of the participant, integrating it into the installation. This immersion is achieved both through direct contact with the installation as well as by emulating the 3D perspective in sync with the space in which it is exhibited. Each participant will enjoy a unique and personal experience, depending on their own physical characteristics. MULTIVERSE creates a reality alternative, a universe full of worlds utopian or dystopian, by merging mathematics, geometry, and generative techniques.

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