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Mécaniques imaginaires

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Piața Unirii 24

Mécaniques Imaginaires is an interactive digital artwork.

The artwork’s software enables creating in real time infinite narrative scenes by manipulating plenty of “video elements“.

“Mécaniques Imaginaires” offers a space of expression and abstraction that allows to create amazing relationships between people, situations, objects by producing virtual energy. This interactive artwork is inspired by the Shadow Theatre, George Méliès’s cinema, and refers to Goldberg’s machines, designed to perform a simple task in an intentionally complex manner, most often with a chain reaction.

The software allows to select and position «video elements» in order to design series of actions/reactions: there are moving bodies (walking, running, jumping, manipulating etc...), objects like bouncing balls, umbrellas, books, candles, etc..., or machines like mills, ropes, gears, ... or natural elements like animals, plants, water, stones, etc...

All the animated «visual elements» are part of a large corpus of real and imaginary objects. Mixing all these elements can create infinite virtual mechanics. Explorations and interactions with the software allow to invent new scenarios.

The “video elements“ have different durations and are played on a loop. Each one plays independently an act of the work. The totality can be arranged with several possibilities in order to create scenarios in constant transformation. The evolving scenario of this creation offers to participants a large part of improvisation.

Each experience of the artwork is always different.