Interactive Installation

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Me and My Pathogens

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Octavian Fedorovici
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Universal rooms @Art Museum

The project aims to reflect on the current global state of emergency, marked by the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The public is invited to enter a virtual mirror space where visual artefacts are superimposed. Like a sort of rudimentary Facebook / Instagram filter, the digital effects revolve around the observer’s face and movements. But instead of pink hearts or rabbit ears, the virtual debris looks tiny and abstract, more like an aura of digital micro-organisms and pathogens.  

The work wishes to invite to reflection on digital privacy and personal space, but also on the mainstream media-induced fear of the disease, the social distancing recommendations / rules, which ultimately lead one to see the other person as a potential threat to their health and wellbeing.

Short text paragraphs with the artist’s thoughts on the pandemic are featured as part of the work. The public is also invited to send their own experiences / concerns

to be featured, using an input form available online.

The piece is designed to act as a safe haven where uncensored dialogue is encourage.