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Infinite Gaze

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Ruxandra Hule
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Digital Cave @Art Museum

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul but what if we have a mirror for each eye?

The idea starts from the simple fact that you can’t look into two eyes of a person at the same time. Here, you can gaze in both eyes.

By decomposing the ordinary frame of sight, this installation invites the public to be seen and to see themselves. The image of my two eyes in the left and right forms a visual field impossible to reach in real conditions where the participant (standing between) is absorbed into a “continuum perceptua” that multiplies reality: an image of themselves looped by the two mirrors facing each other overlayed with the mirrored representation of the eyes (one eye is looking at another).

Establishing the connection through eye contact, this double exposure forces the participant into a subjective perspective that births access to a new dimension of layered intimacy: first with me, second with oneself, third-with anyone that faces the mirror in the same time.