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Infected Hardware

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Courtyard @ Art Museum

It's the second year the festival takes place in the middle of the a seemingly endless health emergency. Mandatory masks and social distancing have turned most of us into faceless ghosts, enduring a global war against a microbial phantom, an invisible adversary. Viruses are the ghosts of modernity, haunting not only our physical, but also our social, and even cybernetic bodies. For the 10th anniversary of Clujotronic three international artists and veterans of past editions of the festival return to the present to join forces, combine hardware, and merge immune systems. Their mission is creative cross-contagion. As part of a week-long residency Alex Halka interfonic.ro [ro], Kiritan Flux [de], and Matthieu Tercieux [fr] will transform the yard of the Art Museum into an experimental laboratory to immerse the audience in audiovisual antibodies, expose them to conjured spirits of the past and immunize against viral ghosts of a lost future.

Daily program: from 20:00 to 23:00.