Collaborative installation @ CoLaboratory 2.0

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u-matic & telematique József Iszlai
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Universal Rooms @ Art Museum

The audiovisual installation reflects the internet social system with its free, limitless access, but also with its loud, monotonous echo chambers.  

These two sides are reflected in our work process: Through direct feedback between the tandem parties, the Internet - the element that unites us - is made audible. Small errors in the transmission create complex dynamic timbres. If there are no differences, the sound rocks to a deafening consonance.  

The feedback loops with their immediacy form a contrast to the AV material, which is created by layering in the ping-pong process and is increasingly condensed: by sending and interpreting each other, sounds are created from images and, in turn, images from sounds. In addition to perfectly coordinated AV sequences, small deviations, errors or misunderstandings also lead to surprising variants.  

In this way, we want to transfer the atmospheric density and proximity of a joint audiovisual live performance into digital space despite the spatial distance. The aim is to create an artistic basis in order to realize a live performance after the pandemic-related limits, which goes beyond the spontaneity of a jam session. We would like to use the distance as an opportunity to develop new, cross-border formats.