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Escaping inside: making escape games

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Oscar Barda
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Whether it’s for your loved ones, for your kids, for an office party or because you want to start a business, escape games are all the rage! In this workshop we’ll tackle the basic structure of escape games, how to infuse them with meaning and personal challenge.

We will start with a short talk, then we'll continue with a small collaborative puzzle to solve, and then we'll proceed to create one escape game all together by chaining individual puzzles.

High tech or low tech, personal or professional, escape games can make you move with intent and excitement through space and time, treasure hunts, codes, puzzles and locks will hold no secret in this thrilling workshop! The workshop is open to everyone and does not require any specific skills or knowledge.

> The number of participants is limited to 20 people

> Registier here: http://bit.ly/EscapingInside_Registration

> FREE participation