VR Experience @ Posthuman by Reactor

live stream


Artist /
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Cătălin Pop & Andrei Panghe
Location /

Universal Rooms @ Art Museum



Connect (other) ;

Feel(everything) ;


catch (Discomfort)





// Technology can easily provide the illusion of closeness,

// but at the same time the resulting disembodiment filters out

// a big part of the signals our human brain needs to communicate

// and genuinely connect.


// Empathy, the ability to see and feel the world

// through the eyes of another eludes many and disorients

// most.

The installation was created during a workshop held by Klaus Obermaier and organized by Reactor de creație și experiment, in collaboration with the master program Digital Interactive Arts of the Faculty of Theater and Film, UBB Cluj.

Funders: Administration of the National Cultural Fund, through the program “Postuman. Abordări performative” and the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca through the project “Reactor 2021. Proiecții despre viitor”.