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DevKnights Connect @ Clujotronic

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Piața Unirii 24

Knights of the Dev, assemble! On October 9th we're gathering for a new DevKnights Connect at Clujotronic!

>> What is DevKnights?

A monthly informal meetup of game developers, game enthusiasts, and people generally passionate about making and playing games. We get together and discuss the game industry, video game titles, production, business, design challenges, and much, much, much more.

>> Who's invited?

Everybody with an interest in game development, whether you're a professional, an amateur, or simply passionate about making and playing games. Meet coders, artists, designers, testers, and entrepreneurs, all part of Romania's bustling game development scene.

>> If you want to show off your work, feel free to bring your builds! Just let us know in advance via a Facebook PM!

Make sure to follow the DevKnights FB Page and join the Discord server!