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A Collaboration Diary #10yearsofclujotronic

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The three artists Kiritan Flux [de], Matthieu Tercieux [fr], and Alex Halka interfonic.ro [ro] are veteran collaborators of the Clujotronic festival and have each been invited more than once over the past ten years. Their previous encounters culminated in this year’s large-scale interactive projection “Infected Hardware”, a Franco-German-Romanian collaboration that perfectly exemplifies the core idea of Clujotronic. The artists will discuss about the challenges of collaborative projects during the pandemic as well as their individual experiences in the contemporary art world and their Clujotronic legacy.

Join the online discussion on Sunday, October 3 on Facebook and onclujotronic.ro.



Kiritan Flux[de] is a German video artist whose live shows range from techno events to conceptual live-cinema performances. He co-curates the monthly artist talk series Scope Sessions in Berlin.


MatthieuTercieux [fr] is a French artist who creates interactive scenographies utilizing feedback video effects, manipulation, and diversion of materials for the visual aspects.


Alex Halka interfonic.ro [ro] is a composer, producer & sound designer whose work ranges from soundtracks for film and theater to highly experimental sound installations and live sets.