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Blutch: Terre Promise

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BlutchRomain Navier
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Casa Tranzit

After promising beginnings between hip hop and abstract that have panicked the stream platforms, feverish and wandering house vinyls with soulful influences, contemporary and sunny disco beats, Blutch refines his production work with a thousand textures and sharpens a singular trademark between electronica, breakbeat and house, following in the footsteps of Rone, Bicep or James Holden. He unveiled the first outlines of this new identity on Astropolis Records with ‘La Cité des Etoiles’ EP in 2020, announcing the beginning of a new and long adventure on the label, which will welcome his debut album in autumn 2021, ‘Terre Promise’. A tribute to his native Brittany and a sonic turning point revealing a suave and generous electronic music in weightlessness. A first single was released in March, ‘Cobalan’, remixed by two of the best guardians of current house music, Mézigue & Lauer. Two more singles with beautiful remixes will follow before the big event at the end of September. An album that will take on its full dimension on stage with a fabulous live AV, in collaboration with the motion designer Romain Navier who accompanies it with a captivating visual fable, a total immersion between two worlds, real and dreamlike, mixing meditative landscapes and abstract dreams. A dreamy and luminous scenography that perfectly illustrates Blutch’ universe.