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Basic Worries of Empty Seats

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Adrian GaneaJasmina Al-Qaisi
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Galeria Reflex

Basic worries of empty seats is a joint speculative reflection of two artists that never met in person on ‘the current state of things’ both literally and figuratively. While debat-ing the symbolic relationship between stillness, emptiness, absence, lack of participation, uncertainty for the future and projecting on a possible delirium, they found a common interest in the empty public spaces unoccupied during the current pandemic and moved away from human-centric polarities. The two are focused on what could be the concerns of the spaces and objects that are overlooked during this world wide transformation. Thus, they decided to make an imaginary exercise to conjure up a source for entertain-ment not for people, but for objects usually subjected to human use.

Basic worries of empty seats animates ghostly thoughts, alien movements and timeless auras to envision what could be a suitable amusement for the empty seats which occupy empty auditoriums. The art work is coming together in a hybrid form between voiced poetic text and 3D simulations which combine various tenses into a timeless future-past-future where speculation within the imaginary comfortably replaces knowing, certainty and hegemonic behaviour of beholding the truth.