Interactive Installation @ Call for projects 2021

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Cătălin Crețu
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Universal Rooms @ Art Museum

AquAcusTectonium is an interactive audio-visual installation based on a static, low, balanced sound, a low-frequency vibration which propagates in a generative-transformational manner through a labyrinth – crossing aquatic-visual mediums, generating spectral-sonic spatialized structures, ultimately embodying acoustic tectonics in perpetual dynamic change and symbolically reconfiguring the Genesis.

A low sound is emitted with the help of a low-frequency speaker, membrane up, and is propagated in the aquatic medium via direct contact with a vessel containing a thin layer of water. The vibration of its surface – dynamically shown on a video camera – becomes the generating source and means to control a sound spectrum in permanent change, spatially transmitted via suspended speakers. A spotlight is placed on the ceiling while a projector amplifies, on the ground, the image dynamically captured by the video camera.

The idea on which the created algorithms are founded is the decomposition of the video format into a numerical data flux which builds and controls a sound spectrum composed exclusively of sine sounds and dynamically modified.

As a final result, a virtual instrument is obtained, a sort of an “invisible piano” emitting sine harmonic sounds of varying loudness, the “pianist” being the visual medium. The audience can change dynamically the acoustic configuration, intervening on the trajectory of the light which reaches the water vessel.

The soft is made with Max programming language