Multimedia Installation @ Call for Projects 2021

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Anamorphic Memories

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Isa Balog
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Digital Cave @ Art Museum

Inspired by Casares’ novel The Invention of Morel and by Resnais’ motion picture Last Year at Marienbad, artist Isa Balog came up with the idea of a surprising installation called Anamorphic Memories. By using various types of media technologies, the mystical space of a camera obscura, the transparencies and reflections of mirrors and the trick of lights, Isa offers any potential spectator a moment in and beyond time that will bedazzle the senses and stir empathy, ultimately leading them to both a cathartic and a beautifully fleeting experience. Her project is abstract and profound, intense and bewildering. It hints at the deconstruction of the individual in his constituent parts, such as appearance, voice, feelings, memory, but obviously detached from the physical body that supports them. It conjures the reassuring familiarity of a past and endearing experience. It brings up a magical theatre that is both unsettling and reassuring and immerses the spectator to such a lever that it becomes part of the play. All these elements converge to rouse in whoever wants to partake into the adventure of Isa’s Anamorphic Memories an array of captivating, universal and strikingly unforeseen emotions.