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Simon LazarusJakoJako
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Art Museum

ABISNORR is a video fresco composed by Simon Lazarus (visual creation) and JakoJako (sound design), inspired by the poems of Lucian Blaga.  

The light projection is used here as a moving painting, weaving an ephemeral fresco where pixels replace pigments. One discovers a choreographical ballet of shapes, motifs and sounds that, associated with the verses of the Transylvanian poet, invite to contemplation, daydreaming and meditation, like a walk through one’s interior horizon.

Fragments of poems by Lucian Blaga: În marea trecere, Peisaj transcendent, Biografie, Pasărea sfântă, Legenda noastră, Liniște între lucruri bătrâne
Voice: Ștefana Pop Curșeu
Voice recording: Rodica Tulbure
Video synchronization: Eranio Petruska
Technical support: Wattech  

Special thank you to Mrs. Dorli Blaga  

It can be seen at Clujotronic daily between 20:00 and 24:00.