Kiritan Flux & Matthieu Tercieux & Alex Halka

Tobias Last aka. Kiritan Flux [de]– born 1980 in Heidelberg, DE – works as a live visual artist and expanded media producer in Berlin since 2000. His artistic work ranges from VJ shows at prominent techno events to more conceptual live-cinema performances tailored to their unique local context. In addition to artistic works, he co-curates the monthly artist talk event Scope Sessions in Berlin and offers creative and technical freelance services around digital video production and projection.

Matthieu Tercieux [fr] became interested in experimental video in art school. At the same time, he practiced “VJing” in different electronic events and created interactive videos used for scenography. He worked for theatre, dance and music, with several artistic collaborations. Since 2011 he has developed the interactive installation called «You are here... elsewhere / Vous êtes ici et ailleurs», presented at Clujotronic in 2014 as well as in Fête des lumières in Lyon. Two years later, in 2016, Matthieu was invited again at Clujotronic with a digital graffiti performance with french artist Cart1 and romanian street artist Kero Zen. 

Alex Halka [ro] is a Romanian interdisciplinary artist who covers a variety of musical territories, from cinematic soundtracks to art installations & theatre music. His aesthetic combines soothing lo-fi textures, orchestral music and psychedelic layers of vintage tape machines.

He composed the original soundtracks for more than 40 theatre productions, being featured on & electronic beats.

His work covers different territories like: Audio-Visual Art Performances, Art Exhibitions, Live-Sets (Clujotronic Festival 2014-2016, 1019 and music written for Documentary Film.