Teodor Buruiană

Teodor Buruiană [ro] is a multimediaartist, he studied both design and sculpture at the UAD Cluj-Napoca. The complex environment of installation art gives him thefreedom to convey unique feelings and experiences to the viewer through volumetricinteraction and elements of spatial composition. In the artistic process, heseeks to document people's reactions to various inputs.

Using sounds, colors, movement, visual effects, materials orinvoluntary actions, he aims to gain a better understanding of social contexts,in order to transpose them as relevant as possible for the audience.

For him, the audienceplays a double role in his creation process, that of inspiration andparticipation in the artistic act. Therefore, his work is inspired by people,by the needs and reactions they have in different situations.

The projects he haddeveloped, including "The man inside the world and the world inside theman", have two main objectives in the field of research – thedocumentation and the use of new techniques with the final aim of aninteraction between the audience and the proposed subject.