A computer scientist by profession, Adrian Marian [ro] is the founder of the Electronic Resistance studio and one of the founders of the PSIHODROM group and of the independent record label PSIHODROM RECORDS.

He has shown an interest in the field of visualarts by linking, by nature of his projects, programming and audio/visual.

He has participated as a/v artist or created interactive multimedia installations at events organized by various promoters or cultural institutions: Electroruga, Embargo Fest, Flight Festival, Freenetik, launmomentdatinparc, Rock la Mureș, Particles Festival, Sabotage, Simultan Festival, Street Delivery, Escape Underground Hub.

Instagram: instagram.com/adrian_marian/

Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UC3ySURbrpzpTPxqUFcD1DnA

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/lemarian