József Iszlai

József Iszlai [RO] is an electronic music composer and producer working in the field of film, theatre, animation, and fine arts. With a background in studying film in Cluj Napoca (RO), his interest reaches beyond sound and music, encompassing the interrelation between motion and sound. His works gained a wider outreach through the medium of the moving image, displaying projects in Spain, North Korea, Germany, UK, Italy, etc.

A scholarly research of 20th century sonic warfare and sound entropy privileged him to present talks on these topics at the Prague Institute of Philosophy and the Budapest Music Center. During his spare time Jozsef produces electroacoustic music under the moniker of Iszlai, with two long play releases on the New York Rust Music imprint and a vinyl EP release soon to be revealed on the Lisbon-based Lost Thumb Records label.