Creators Machines à Bulles

Exhibition created by the French Institute in Paris for BD 2020 - Year of Comics in France.

Exhibition curator: Colombine Depaire

Un pas fragile // Opal Games
Phallaina // Marieta Ren
You, robot // Emmanuel Espinasse
Fabre and the city //  Musée Fabre Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole
The Big Bad Fox (Le Grand mechant renard) // Benjamin Renner
The Last of the Gauls - memoirs of a Warriors // France Televisions - Program 33 - red Corner. Writer: Kevin Keiss  
Panama Al Brown: Mysterious Strength //  Scenario: Jacques GOLDSTEIN ■ Art: Alex W. Inker
Blacksad: Under the Skin // Microids. Eating our way into the future (Manger vers le futur) // Benjamin Goguet and Jean-Pierre François
Instraviata //Bigger than Fiction, ARTE France.