150 Stoka

Octavian-Nicolae Horvath [ro] is a graduate of UPT, Faculty of Hydrotechnical Constructions. He has been attracted to music for performances since his studies and collaborates as a sound engineer and composer with several theatres in Timisoara.

He has composed texts for 11albums and organically explores experimental areas in music.

analogue and digitalelectronic music.

He is composing music for atribute animation dedicated to the artist Pablo Picasso, made together with Michaela Konrad and Eugen Neacșu. The 12-minute film was shown for a year in Deep Space LIVE at the Ars Electronica electronic art museum in Linz (AT).

Currently co-owner of Electronic Resistance and Psihodrom Records, sound designer, composer, lyricist and live performer in several projects: 150 Stoka, Blazzaj, Implant for Refusal.